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Gingher Collector's Series These superior embroidery scissors evolve from a pattern found in the Museum of London (England) and authenticated to 1692 A.D. A black leather blade sheath comes with each pair of Gingher scissors. All ar e 3 1/2" long.
(A) G-CS-1 Ebony finish. $37.50
(B) G-CS-2 Gold-plated handles. $41.50
(C) G-CS-3 Pewter finish. $48.00
(D) G-CS-4 Antique gold-plated handles. $52.00

Gingher Scissors with Serrated Blades Same as above except scissors have serrated blades.
(not shown) G-CS-1Z Ebony finish with serrated blades. $38.50
(not shown) G-CS-2Z Gold-plated handles with serrated blades. $42.50
(not shown) G-CS-3Z Pewter finish with serrated blades. $49.00
(not shown) G-CS-4Z Antique gold-plated handles with serrated blades. $53.00

Other Gingher Scissors
(not shown) G-4 Gingher Scissors with Extra Large Fingerholes. 4" long, heavier, often referred to as "Weaver's Scissors". $22.50
(not shown) G-NS-4 Gingher Featherweight Thread Clip. $14.50

Sterling Silver Scissors
(E) "Victorian" sterling silver scissors with Solingen blades, 3 1/2" long. Gray felt case comes with scissors. $130.00 Gray felt case available individually. $5.00
(F) Plain sterling silver scissors, 3 1/2" long. $146.00
(G) Sterling silver Scissors Guard protects delicate tips of scissors. Rubber-lined interior fits all embroidery scissors. $20.00
(not shown) Sterling Silver Scissors with Beaded Handle and attached Sterling Silver Guard. $114.00

Wasa Solingen Scissors Made in Germany. All are 3 1/2" long.
(H) Plain. $33.00
(I) Heart. $32.00
(J) Cross. $34.00
(K) Scroll. $42.00
(L) Embossed. $34.00

Mundial Scissors Made in Italy. Both are 3 1/2".
(M) Florentine. $19.95
(N) Stork. $15.75

Ann Powell
(O) Ornate scissors with gold-plated handles. 3 1/2" long. $34.00

Norsk Scissors Made in Spain. P, Q, R, S are 3 1/2" long; T is 4" long; U, V are 3" long.
(P) 5-PG. $30.00
(Q) 5-S. $25.00
(R) 6-PG. $29.00
(S) 8-S. $24.00
(T) 7-S. $24.00
(U) 11-S. $24.00
(V) 11-PG. $27.00
(not shown) 6-S. Plain chrome scissors with large fingerholes. $22.00
(not shown) 10-PG. "Preemie". Gold-plated, 2 1/2" long. $26.00
(not shown) 10-S. "Preemie". Chromium, 2 1/2" long. $21.50

Gingher Blade Sheath
(W) Black leather blade sheath protects the points of your scissors. $4.00

Other Scissors
(not shown) "Lit'l Snips" by Dream Works, Inc. Stainless Steel, 2 1/2" long. $15.00

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