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Wooden Thread Winders/Wooden Needle Cases/Wooden Embroidery Hoops/Lace Bobbins

Wooden Thread Winders These handmade thread winders come in twelve different woods: Oak, cherry, black walnut, perambuco, purple heart, ziricote, padauk, black frake, kingwood, tulipwood, choc de cote, and zebrawood. Specify wood cho ice when ordering or let us choose for you. 2" x 2". $3.00

Wooden Needle Cases Our needle cases are made one at a time by our talented Indiana craftsman and each one is uniquely different. You may specify you wood choice from the list above, or we can choose for you. Approximately 3" long. Wood availability may vary. $12.00

Wooden Embroidery Hoops (not shown) These top quality embroidery hoops come from Germany. They are the finest hoops made and will last a lifetime. Adjustable screw allows you to tightly secure fabrics. Recommended by top designers!

5/16" x 4" = $5.50
5/16" x 6" = $5.95
5/16" x 8" = $6.75

5/8" x 6" = $12.00
7/8" x 7" = $15.00
7/8" x 12" = $19.00

Rosewood Lace Bobbins (not shown) Inexpensive, factory-made bobbins for bobbin lace making. $3.00 each.

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